RangeXTD - Extend your WiFi

Extend Your WiFi

Shift Your Internet Connection into High Gear with RangeXTD

You Don’t Need ISP Upgrades For Better WiFi.

You Need RangeXTD.


If you’re sick and tired of frustratingly-slow WiFi performance, then prepare to have your internet extended! Your current router probably isn’t even close to powerful enough to fully cover your entire home. Fix ‘dead zones’ and weak signals without having to pay more monthly fees.

Incredibly quick and easy to install, RangeXTD enhances your existing WiFi connection by amplifying the signal transmitted by your router. ‘Dead zones’ are eliminated and you’ll enjoy the most stable and reliable internet connection you’ve ever had! With RangeXTD, poor WiFi is a thing of the past.

This popular WiFi booster is designed to boost your wireless internet connection to every corner of your home without sacrificing connectivity for speed. It’s the WiFi you’ve always wanted for the price you won’t believe!


Introducing RangeXTD

3-icon1 Increase your WiFi range and stabilize your connection

Eliminate ‘dead zones’ and enjoy HD video without the drop offs or frustrating buffering.

3-icon2 Blazing fast data transfer up to 300Mbps

Catch up on your shows or increase your work-from-home productivity.

3-icon3 Save money!

The one-time purchase ensures better WiFi without additional monthly ISP bills.

3-icon4 Easy plug and play functionality

No one should be held ransom by criminally-high internet fees. Plug it in and turn it on. It does the rest.

Setting Up Your RangeXTD


Plug your RangeXTD into an electrical outlet.


Use the convenient WPS button to easily connect to your existing router.


That’s it! Enjoy the best WiFi you’ve ever had!


  • tick One time purchase
  • tick Extends your existing WiFi signal
  • tick No more ‘dead zones’
  • tick Plug and play functionality
  • tick WiFi for every room in your home

Without RangeXTD

  • noneAdditional monthly fees
  • noneSlow speeds and annoying performance
  • none‘Dead zones’ and lots of buffering
  • noneFrustrating, time consuming service calls
  • noneSpotty random internet connection

High Performance + Exceptional Value =RangeXTD

Even the most demanding internet users love RangeXTD. Take your productivity to new levels or relax with your favorite movie or TV show in stunning HD. Do it all with RangeXTD.

Compact And Portable

Fits in your hand and can be easily taken wherever you go for better WiFi.

Compatible With Every WiFi Device

iOS, Mac, PC, Android, and everything else. If it has WiFi, SuperBoost will save the day!

Impressive Range

A range of 100m indoors and 300m outdoors solves your WiFi needs.

Perfect For Travel

Comes with both North American and European plugs.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!What Do Others Say About RangeXTD?

People are loving RangeXTD, and what’s not to love?! Check out these reviews below to see how RangeXTD is EXTENDING people’s WiFi for unprecedented performance!

Tiffany H.
Las Vegas, NV

So much better than I expected it to be. I used to have ‘dead zones’ all over my home but now I can even get WiFi in my backyard! I can finally hear my podcasts when I’m gardening now. Perfect!

Kevin T.
Memphis, TN

Arrived within a few days and took literally seconds to set up. Plugged it in, turned it on, and a moment later my WiFi connection was rock solid. Been enjoying it ever since and picking up some for my friends as holiday gifts. Why not share the love!

Scott K.
Kansas City, MO

I tried everything to fix my laggy, slow internet. My ISP loved taking my money for more service upgrades, but I only really saw a difference when I got my SuperBoost. And it was a BIG difference. I’m completely blown away.

Chloe B.
Tulsa, OK

You know your WiFi’s bad when your friends come over but use their data instead! I upgraded to SuperBoost and everyone is glad I did, especially me! Now I watch all my shows without any annoying drop outs. Now everything streams like a dream!